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Please fill out this Maintenance Request form, and we will be in contact to help as quickly as we can.

If your issue is an emergency please contact us:

8768 – 96 Avenue
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Strathearn Heights Management Team

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8768 – 96 Avenue
Phone: 780-469-3080
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Strathearn Heights Management Team

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Payment & Leases

Paying your rent
Pet Policy
Your lease

Paying your rent

Rent is always due on or before the 1st of each month – even if that day falls on a weekend or holiday. In that case, please use the drop-slot located just outside the office door. If your rent payment has not been dropped in the slot by 8 a.m. on the 2nd of the month, your account will be assessed a late charge fee of $75.

Rent is accepted in the form of:

  • personal cheque,
  • debit,
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). ETF address: Password: payment,
  • certified cheque, or
  • money order.

We do not accept cash or credit cards.

If you plan to pay your rent by post-dated cheques, we encourage you to submit post-dated cheques to the office for the term of your lease. Please remember to write your name and suite number on the front of your payment to ensure it gets applied to the correct suite.

Payments for parking may be added to your rent payment, or you may pay separately. Please see the office for details.

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Pet policy

One or two cats are welcome! With written permission from the office, you can enjoy the company of a maximum of two authorized cats in your suite. Before written permission is given, tenants must submit a non-refundable cat fee of $300 and obtain a letter of intent signed by one of the office staff.

You are also welcome to have fish in small tanks (maximum 5 gallons) with no special arrangements. If you have an aquarium larger than 5 gallons, you must provide the office with proof of insurance.

To be fair to all tenants and to protect the suites, tenants found to have an unauthorized pet could face eviction.

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Your lease

Please read your lease agreement! It includes all the details of your obligations as a tenant and our obligations as the landlord.

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Vacating your suite

If you plan to vacate when your lease expires, please notify the office at least 30 days before your lease expires.

During the last month of your tenancy, you will be given a move-out cleaning package that outlines steps you must take to return your suite to the same condition it was in when you moved in. Please follow all the directions on this sheet to avoid any unnecessary charges against your security deposit.

Other procedures:

  • Return all suite keys, laundry room keys, laundry card and your mailbox key to the office by noon on the last day of the last month of your tenancy. Keys and cards not turned in will be charged against your security deposit.
  • Leave a forwarding address with the office so we can mail your security deposit refund/ statement to you.
  • You are welcome to be present during the move-out inspection, when photos of the suite are taken. Please call the office to arrange a move-out meeting. You will receive a detailed statement of charges for the security deposit, as well as any due refund no later than 10 days after the last day of the month.

Please remember, your suite must be vacated and cleaned no later than 12 noon on the last day of your tenancy.

Please note: No vehicles are permitted on the lawn while you are moving!

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If you live in a smoking building, you are welcome to smoke in your suite or outside the back door. Please follow our 30-foot rule: Smokers must be at least 30 feet away from a non-smoking building.

Please ensure cigarette butts are disposed of in an appropriate container. Tenants will be assessed a clean-up charge if butts are disposed of on the lawn or any other common area.

If you live in a non-smoking building, neither you nor your guests are permitted to smoke in or around your building to protect the health of other tenants in the building.

Tenants or their guests not following these directives will be issued an immediate eviction notice.

You are responsible for cleaning the walls of your suite when you vacate. If the smoking damage is extreme, you will be charged for painting and/or additional cleaning that may be necessary.

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Keys are released only to individuals whose signatures are on the lease. Before we can release a key to your child, we need a letter from the lease holder authorizing that release.

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New roommate consideration

Should you wish to have someone move in with you, that person must complete an Application for Tenancy and be approved before he or she moves in. The new roommate will not automatically be put on the lease. Please contact the office for details.

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A parking stall is not included with your suite; however, we always have several available to rent:

Outdoor: $25/month
Garage (When Available):
(Most do not have walls; therefore, personal storage is not encouraged and use as living quarters is not permitted.)

Vehicles in the parking stalls must be insured, registered and operable. Any vehicle that does not meet these requirements will be towed at owner’s expense.

Any unauthorized vehicle parked in a reserved stall will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Plug-ins are activated for all outdoor stalls and garage stalls once the temperature reaches -10 degrees. The plug-ins work on a 30-minute intermittent timer and have proven very effective.

For regular winter maintenance of your parking stall or after a light snowfall, please keep the stall free of snow. Please shovel the snow over the guard rail in front of your vehicle, from where we will remove it. After heavy snowfalls, our staff will clear snow from alleys and parking stalls on a rotating basis.

Helpful tip: Please do not leave extension cords on the ground where they could be damaged by our snow removal equipment.

There is no designated guest parking. Guests are required to park on the street.

Want to cancel your parking stall? No problem but cancellations must be made in writing 30 days in advance.

Suite information

Gas stoves
Ventilation and windows
Painting & decorating
Window coverings
Beautifying your building
Your deck
Cable TV, Internet & phone
Tenant insurance

Gas stoves

Your suite is equipped with a natural gas stove, with oven, with three pilot lights. Two pilot lights are located under the top of the stove and the third is located under the bottom oven plate.

If any of your pilot lights go out, you will smell natural gas. This is absolutely normal. It is perfectly safe for you to relight the pilot light with a match or lighter as follows:

  • For a burner pilot light, hold the flame to the pipe coming out between the two burners after lifting the top plate of the stove. You will see a blue-coloured flame appear.
  • For the oven pilot light, open the broiler at the bottom of the stove and follow the silver pipe at the top of the broiler to the back of the stove, and hold the flame.

Please do not turn on the burners to light the pilot lights.

If your pilot lights are all lit but your burners will not turn on, it is likely that the burner slots – the little holes on the inside of the burner area – are plugged with grease or food particles. They can be cleaned with a pin or a paper clip. If cleaning the holes does not alleviate the problem, please call the office and we will send someone over to examine the oven.

Please be very careful if you are moving the gas stove to clean behind it since the gas connection does not allow for much movement of the stove.

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Ventilation and windows

You can help keep your suite looking good and feeling comfortable! Suites are not heated by forced air furnaces and the stoves do not have hood fans so there is minimal indoor air circulation.

Please ventilate your suite by opening a window for a few minutes every day — and please open your bathroom window after each bath or shower.

Opening a window will prevent humidity build-up and condensation, and will prevent doors from swelling.

All bathroom windows are covered with a plastic curtain (supplied by landlord) to avoid water damage to the inside wooden sill and the outside walls. If you do not use your plastic curtain, your security deposit will be reduced by the cost of the necessary repairs when you leave Strathearn Heights.

Any damage to windows or screens due to carelessness or recklessness is the responsibility of the tenant. Should this occur, you may have them repaired at your own expense or call us to have them repaired or replaced for you for a charge.

In your storage shed or indoor storage space you will find a storm window and a screen for the back door. The screen will help keep your suite cool in the summer, and the storm window will give you extra protection in cold weather.

Please do not dispose of the window frame if the glass breaks; call us to have it repaired.

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Painting and decorating

You are free to paint your suite with reasonable colours but please be aware it is your responsibility to paint the suite back to its original colour, at your expense, before vacating. Repainting fee: $100 per wall.

Walls are made of lath and plaster and therefore easier to damage than walls made with drywall. Please use extra care when hanging pictures or other wall decor. Please use small nails and gently tap them into the walls.

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Window coverings

Proper window coverings are required within one month of moving into your suite. Curtains, drapes or blinds are acceptable. You are not permitted to use bed sheets, towels, flags, etc.

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Beautifying your building

Want to help beautify your building? We encourage our tenants to beautify their buildings inside and out! Please feel free to plant flowers outside your windows or in containers on your balconies. We love to see Christmas lights to celebrate the season!

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Your deck

Please use proper plant containers with receptacles to catch excess water so standing water is not left on your deck. Standing water damages the wooden decks and may create safety hazards.

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Cable TV, Internet & phone

If your suite is not currently equipped with the proper outlets for these services, feel free to have the company of your choice set up service in your suite. Please check with the office should your service provider require an authorization letter.

Any cost associated with the installation of these outlets is the responsibility of the tenant.

Should your service technician require a key to the main panel in the building, please inform that person that the office can provide a key; however, the technician will be required to show a piece of I.D. and provide a contact phone number when signing out the key.

Please note: You are responsible for letting the service technician into your suite and waiting while they hook up your service. The office does not have the resources to do this on your behalf.

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All garbage must be put in plastic bags and tied securely.

Garbage bags cannot be left outside your suite or on your balcony. If this occurs, our staff will remove the garbage and you will be charged a fee of $150.

Please take all garbage promptly to the large garbage bins located throughout the complex.

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Tenant insurance

We strongly recommend that every tenant have tenant insurance – an inexpensive way to protect yourself against loss or damage to your belongings in your suite and vehicle.

Without insurance, you are responsible for the landlord’s costs if you or your guests are responsible for damaging or destroying the suite or building.

Please call the office if you need further information on insurance companies.

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Suite Maintenance

Work orders
Plumbing issues

Electrical Issues

Work orders

We are happy to attend to any maintenance issues that arise in your suite or building.

If maintenance issues arise, please call the office immediately. We will take all of the necessary information and generate a work order for our maintenance team.

When you call in a work order, you must give us permission to enter your suite to repair the deficiency. If you leave a voice message after hours or a request on the website, that constitutes your authorization for us to enter the suite.

Please tell us if you have:

  • a cat we need to watch for, and
  • a security system installed (and please give us the access code).

You can also use the handy Non-Emergency Maintenance Request form. We will always leave a service card explaining the reason for entry when we enter the suite to address a maintenance request.

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Plumbing issues

Please report all plumbing issues immediately!

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Please ensure your toilet is flushing properly and completely. Try clearing small clogs with a plunger (preferably a rubber horn style). Feel free to borrow a plunger at the office from a box near the laundry machine. Please return it when you are finished with it.

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To prevent drain clogs:

  • do not pour cooking oil or grease down your kitchen drain,
  • scrape leftovers and food scraps into the garbage instead of washing them down the drain, and
  • remove any hair near the tub drain.

Please do not use Drano or any similar chemical product in your drains as it harms the pipes. If you have a clog you cannot clear, please call in a work order.

When you call in a plumbing work order, please remove all items from the counter and under the sink before the repair person arrives.

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Appliances not permitted in suites

Mini laundry washing machines
Laundry dryers

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Electrical issues

Please note: burned-out light bulbs and blown fuses (if your suite is equipped with fuses rather than a breaker) are your responsibility.

To change a fuse, simply unscrew it as you would unscrew a light bulb and replace it with a 15 amp fuse. Fuses are available at most hardware stores. Ralph’s Convenience Store, on the corner of our property at 87th Street and 95th Avenue, also stocks fuses.

When you are replacing light bulbs, it is safe to assume 60 watt bulbs are appropriate for your lamps or light fixtures. Please do not use light bulbs that exceed the maximum recommended watt limit. When the bulb exceeds the recommended wattage, you are creating a fire hazard. You can check the recommended wattage sticker on each fixture – or simply use a 60 watt bulb.

The fuse that runs your fridge usually runs the kitchen counter outlet as well. To prevent blowing a fuse, please do not use too many appliances at the same time.

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Be a good neighbour

Our buildings – adult/family
Laundry facilities
Crime prevention

Our buildings – adult/family

Adult buildings: If you live in an adult building, children under the age of 18 may visit; however, they are not permitted to spend the night. Tenants who request an adult building usually do so expecting less noise than a family building.

Family buildings: If you live in a family building, you must remember that small children may live in the suites around you. This may create a certain amount of noise. We consider noise from children to be an issue only in extreme circumstances.

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Strathearn Heights Apartments are over 60 years old and are not sound-proof. Noise travels very easily. Here are a few hints to keep sound at acceptable levels:

  • Keep TVs and stereos no louder than a normal talking level.
  • Turn the bass to a minimum.
  • Keep TVs and stereos away from common walls to help reduce noise.
  • If you live in a suite with hardwood floors and there is a tenant below you, using area rugs helps muffle footsteps.
  • Be aware of your neighbours sleep patterns, shift work, a new baby, etc. and be thoughtful about creating noise in your suite.

We strongly encourage you to introduce yourself to your neighbours and make an effort to talk with each other should noise be an issue for you.

Noise complaints must be submitted in writing. Once we have addressed the complaint, we will assume the issue has been resolved unless we hear back from you. Please keep us informed. Complaints can be submitted by:

  • emailing, or
  • dropping off a letter in person at the office.

A courtesy letter will be sent to a first-time noise offender. Firmer action will be taken with repeat offenders.

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Laundry facilities

Access to the laundry facilities is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

There are eight laundromat facilities located on the property for your convenience. Please ask the office for a map showing their locations. Your laundry room key will allow access to any of these facilities.

Tips for being a good neighbour when doing your laundry:

  • Remove your laundry from the washing machines or dryers as quickly as possible. Remove your items as soon as the cycle has finished so the machines are available to other tenants.
  • If you wish to use a machine that contains someone else’s belongings, please be respectful and either fold the laundry or place it neatly on a table or in a basket, if available.
  • Please do not piggyback another tenant’s laundry cycle by placing your clothing in a machine that has been set to run by someone else; let the cycle finish before using that machine.
  • Please dispose of your dryer sheets, machine lint and any other garbage in the garbage receptacles provided.
  • Please treat other people’s items as you would want yours treated. Do not throw other tenants’ laundry on the floor!

Please do not use our machines for oily, greasy or mud-filled clothing. The machines are not designed to handle such heavy-duty jobs. The nearby coin-operated laundromat In Strathearn Centre on the corner of 87th Street and 95th Avenue will accept items of this nature.

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Crime prevention

We take both active and proactive measures to prevent crime in our neighbourhood. Please contact the office for more information.

Here’s how you can help keep our community safe:

  • Report anything suspicious to the police and then provide the office with a file number or a copy of any police report.
  • Please report all break-ins and theft.
  • Do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 for all emergencies, including fire, drug use, suspected domestic abuse situations, etc. We also ask that you call the office with the details so we can follow up. If you are reluctant to call the police, we can do it for you.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.
  • Consider installing an anti-theft device on your vehicle.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and drug use. Offenders will be evicted.

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Your front office team

Phone: 780-469-3080

Roberta Yaremcio – General Manager
Lyla Kopichanski – Accounting / Finance
Meg George – Leasing Agent
Amanda Meyer – Administration Assistant

Office hours:
Monday & Wednesday – 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Tuesday & Thursday – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday – 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturdays – 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Do you have a question or comment about Strathearn Heights? Call us, drop in to visit us or use the handy Strathearn Heights Tenant Feedback form to email us.